Saturday, 13 September 2014

Is in-house Copywriting Better Than Outsourcing Copywriting?

When you setup a company that has higher goals to achieve, you must not leave any air sacks that if gets punctured, you’re stuck. Not having an in house translator or a copywriter are the air sacks. A copywriter is one of the strongest edge of a company that delivers your vision to your audiences and if you lack in it, you can’t reach the right audience. Even if you do, you might not convince them to try you as a brand. I’ve been in this field for over twenty years and I’m on a verge where I could stand hard and say, “in-house copywriting is what you need to narrate your true identity” Here I don’t mean to worry companies lacking in-house copywriters, if you don’t need them much, you don’t really need them but if you think you want your content to be edited every now and then, you must think to hire in-house copywriters.

What goes wrong with outsourcing copywriting is, you are not sure whether the outsourced material would meet your mark or not? If not, you’ll the company to revise it, that’s a definite loss of time –and time is money of course!

Secondly, your corporate tone is valued, you never know your material for audience has that or not. Compromising on your company tone, stature and corporate could ruin your overall outlook. Being a prestigious company, you can’t linger with outdated content, scripts and profiles. To keep it constantly updated, you must have a team of in house copywriters and translators in Dubai to work on it regularly roll it up on regular basis.

Apart from jokes, outsourcing is way too expensive rather than keeping in house copywriters or translators who are able to translate English to French. Moreover, you could hire a person who’s a multi task and could handle more than one language. While having in-house copywriters, you can tailor made your content and could experience new heights of diversity. Parallel to this, you can step into the digital world and could excel your growth within social media platforms. Entering into the digital world would enable you to reach your audiences within no time.

To outreach your audiences globally, you must have your content written in different languages, for each piece you have to pay thousands of dollars, isn’t this lame? Why not hire specialized content writers, copywriters and translators to get the best pieces developed right under your nose. If you have a consistent pace of work regarding copywriting, go for building up your own team. This way your company portfolio will show higher company employees and this would automatically boost your market presence and credibility.
Last but not the least, having everything done within your own company enhances your company reputation in dealing with translation services. You could be a benchmark for others rather than having others as your benchmark. Have your say and make it your own way – you are different!

Read this article to know more about why hiring in house copywriters or translators are a better move than outsourcing copywriting.


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