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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Twitter to set its operation outlet in Dubai

Twitter is coming to Mena Region with its offices in Dubai for the first time. For more to know why, read below.

Twitter to serve Mena with increased commitment and investment to the region. Twitter has officially announced to set its operational offices in Dubai.

On the 2nd day of the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit, Vice President for Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Emerging Markets at Twitter - Shailesh Rao speaks about Twitter launching its operational office in Dubai for the first time in Mena region. The office is planned to get operational in a few months’ time and will aim to serve users, advertisers and partners with increased focus and improved accessibility. Twitter is currently offering its services in 35 languages with over 288 million monthly active users worldwide.

Twitter has recently launched its official functional offices in different countries to boost their global offline presence, ready to explore 13 new markets and enjoy presence in 74 countries across the globe. Mena offers strategic grounds and potentially new Dubai office will serve as the main point to help our development across the region.

Dubai being a business hub for emerging brands and media industries, twitter is excited to see a team on the ground, who can work with partners directly, helping them to grow and advertise their brands through Twitter.

On a question like what have made Twitter to concentrate individually on Mena region, Rao added, ‘Twitter has always worked for regions that are active on social media platforms, not just for communication but in all means like social interaction, political statements, business correspondence and brand following. Since Dubai is one of the fastest growing financial hubs across the globe, it has potential to offer”.

“We aim to make Twitter relevant for everyone, whether it be a professional, industrialist or a common man; no matter what industry-group he or she belongs to, we want Twitter to be their source of communication, just like Facebook today”.

Factors like changing demographics contribute as a driving force for twitter to plan its operation unit in Dubai. For over 30 per cent of the Mena population is between the age group of 15 to 30, showing that most of the youth have grown with the internet and social media.

Recent statistics reveal that for over 88 per cent of the Middle East’s population uses social media platforms for networking and Twitter is no exception. Most of the brands, people and other institutions are using twitter to connect to global audiences. Thus, Twitter is now more like a social culture in the Middle East.

So whether you’re planning to work on a fashion brand like Mont Blanc or any other, this is one of the best times to cement your plans. Make use of social media platforms including Twitter to spread your word within Mena Region and worldwide. From e-commerce business sites to simple responsive designs, stay tuned with the latest web technology to make best out of your business. Let twitter work for your business and bring traffic to your landing pages. All you need is to use Twitter!

Why You Should Ditch Your Friends This Summer Vacation & Travel Solo?

Just the thought of upcoming vacation probably makes you jump with excitement. It’ll surely be a fun filled month with lots of friends, family and possibly work colleagues accompanying you all along right! Or are you planning something different like solo travel? Benefits of travelling solo are immense since it open doors to self-discovery and cultural knowledge.

Besides, you definitely need some time away from usual comforts like job, routine chores and even your best chums. It may get scary but there’s no better way to reset and unwind. So why not do something exceptional this summer and book yourself a ticket! Your friends aren’t going anywhere or who knows, they’re thinking the same.

Experience True Freedom

Weekends and nights are recess for adulthood and you might get caught in the routine easily. Unwinding with your friends, co-workers and family somehow blends in with the cycle. But when travelling solo, the abrupt routine change may be disturbing to a few while pure pleasure for the rest.
Being surrounded by familiar objects and people usually makes us forget about the little things such as who we are, where we come from and our true needs! Travelling alone fosters confidence and reminds us the potential to imagine and perhaps do all the silly things you wished during childhood. These are the moments when one would experience true freedom.

Make New, Foreign Friends

Perhaps the most ironic factor of solo vacation is about being alone and in a totally different environment. There might be thousands of hobos doing the same thing and are longing for your company. Now is the time to throw social stigmas out the window and night out with a stranger who maybe planning an excursion to Barcelona or any other amazing place. You’ll learn to realise that world is still full of good people; you just need to find them!

You’ll save Finances

It’s not that you become a scrooge, travelling alone for once means there’s only one person you should be worried about, and that’s you. There’s no need to coordinate schedules and kept on altering the plans, choose an appropriate flight time and lift off. Keep a lookout for last chance seats and you’ll eventually get a heavy discount with added benefits like, accommodation or rent-a-car package. No more splitting checks or paying extra over a museum tour. Indeed, solo travel is quite economical!

A Boost in Your Resume’

Employers usually seek self-motivated, flexible and confident candidates who’ve no trouble when it comes to attend foreign business meeting. Travel not only inspires creativity but it further injects adaptability and analytical skills. Time management, decision making, flexibility, problem solving and planning are a few excellent buzzwords for your resume’ as well as LinkedIn profile.

Expand Your Social Circle

Solo travellers look, well kind of unique when compared to group tourists. A foreign group is likely to remain a prime target for inflated price and hassle since they’re not too much familiar with the surrounding. Lone tourists are at an advantage since they can easily mingle with the commoners while a merchant is unlikely to waste time hassle with a singleton. Who knows you extend your trip just because vendors provide you special discount over different commodities.

Whenever you wish to explore the best tourist destinations around the world, traveling alone is an excellent choice.