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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to choose a fine writing instrument?

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Although, computers and digital devices have significantly altered traditional writing and documentation practices, there are people who love to possess a pen of their favorite brand. Especially, celebrities and professional intellectuals usually carry luxury writing instruments as their style statement. Believe me it would be fun writing with branded fountain pen. In addition to writing, they are also used to carry out other functions like painting, drawing, calligraphy and technical writing. A huge variety ranges from Rollerball, ballpoints, mechanical pencils and signature/fountain pens are available to choose. Whether being a corporate executive or a graduate student who is seeking to buy the one for him, probably want to know the most desirable attributes of a luxury writing instrument. Here are some primary features you should consider when seeking to buy the one for the first time.

Check out the cost

Don’t assume them cheap, as they can be costly like a precious jewelry piece. However, eye-catching collection is even available at low prices, a genuine piece is expensive. High quality and classy design are the major benefits of buying a high-priced item.

Consider your writing style

Writing style also matters when choosing the point. Separate small handwriting requires finer tips, whereas broader points are good for cursive styles. However, broader points can lay inks faster.

Choose the weight wisely

Light weight pens are very suitable for fast writing speeds. Resin, celluloid and ABS are the perfect material choice for a light weight writing tools. When strong grip is required, steel barreled and heavy weight instruments made-up of brass are preferred choices.

Thickness or Girth

Thicker pens are preferred as they not only make you feel holding something solid, but also give good grip. Finally, writer will enjoy this freedom to write in his favorite style. In contrast to that, pen with lesser thickness are good for sketching and joint-up writing.

Length also matters

However, shorter pens are more portable to carry; it could be difficult to control. In case it fails to reach the web between the thumb and forefinger. Longer are more comfortable to use in the long run as they can be comfortably hold.

Pick the design that compliment your personality

Don’t ignore design when buying a luxury writing instrument like Mont Blanc. You can choose the best that compliment your personality and overall attire from a huge range of pens available in various material and finishes. From smooth plastic and metal surfaces, slightly textured finishes are also available for those looking for good grip. 

Whether you are looking to buy a branded pen for your personal use or to gift your special teacher or a best friend, considering these attributes will help you choose the best among diverse designs.

Top Three International Shopping Festivals

Despite being two different things, shopping and traveling are usually discussed together. After identifying the diversified preferences of people to choose a perfect holiday destination, almost all regional hubs thoughtfully invested to equip themselves with leisure and entertainment spots along with plenty of affordable accommodation to provide quality entertainment and comfortable lodging for everyone stepping down to spend some memorable time with their family and friends. However, entertainment venues, museum and monuments come first in the list, when it comes to planning for a holiday trip. Globetrotters, who love spending money, might find it more interesting to spend time in local bazaars and malls in the city. In order to fulfill the expectations of such unique visitors, shopping malls are constructed worldwide. These luxury outlets are alluring enough to excite anyone to visit them and shop souvenirs and branded items. Moreover, event specific discounts make buying overseas more rewarding.

However, facility to shop online across the globe makes purchasing convenient like never before, nothing can replace the charisma of environment, fun and entertainment one can enjoy after visiting a mall or traditional souk. In order to make shopping more captivating and full of fun, nearly all malls organize galas. 

Here I am sharing the names of top three shopping festivals around the world that everyone should plan to visit once in their life. 

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Dubai Shopping Festival

Annually held at the start of every year in the month of January, celebration takes place across the city that continues till the next month of February. Buyers can enjoy up to 70% discounts on a huge range of products from electronics items, clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery and even more. Every retailer, whether being a shop owner in souk or possess an outlet in any mall across the Emirate, participate in the event. Besides this, you can also enjoy fashion shows, music concerts and fireworks. 


The Great Singapore Sale

Started 21 years ago, the event has become the major international event that organizes every year during the months of June and July. Irrespective of being local and foreign, shoppers can avail heavy discounts up to 70% on fashion items, souvenirs, cosmetics and luxury goods. More or less retailers possessing shops in malls and suburban areas take part in the event. In addition to great discounts, visitors can also enjoy daily giveaways and walking tours, throughout the event.

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Hong Kong Shopping Fiesta

After being listed on the top among the best cities to shop in Asia Pacific Region, Hong Kong celebrates a three month long, annual fiesta during the months of June, July and August. Those who want to enjoy, handsome discounts while enjoying a range of entertaining and gourmet events, plus music concerts, would fall in love with the city. 

Shopping festivals no longer remain attractive for buyers; rather they have become an efficient way to capitalise city’s status to become a favourite destination to shop.

Essentials of property website design

Internet and World Wide Web is benefiting everyone from traders, service providers and customers. Whether, you are dealing clients online or not, a sensibly designed website can facilitate you and your customers to get in touch all the time. If we specifically talk about real estate sector, possessing a website becomes very important not only to drag more business, but also to win their trust. To maximize the benefits, it should be designed carefully and sensibly to facilitate consumers in searching and inquiring about property or properties to rent or buy. In addition to display listings, also consider adding useful information about local communities and projects. This can be very useful for expats who are seeking to lease a lodging space in the development offering basic lifestyle amenities.

In order to design a functional and user-friendly site, you should consider few essentials while planning to start the development and design process.

Thoughtful design and navigable structure

Perhaps, you have incorporated highly refined functionalities, it fails to benefit business, if the site is difficult to navigate and lacks good design and user interface. On an average user don’t spend hours to judge a site; rather they take quick decision just after landing on your site. A clean design can help you in this regard. Don’t clutter pages with unnecessary advertisements and numerous hyperlinks. Try to keep your design simple; crisp and easily navigable that facilitates users spend more time on your site.

Directly integrate home search feature

Incorporate a suitable IDX integration tool to increase business lead. If you ignore adding this functionality, customers who actually start their home search on your site redirected to search engine results. After installing a suitable extension for IDX integration will not redirect prospective customers, rather your own database will pick up the suitable list of unit matches with their search criteria. The system automatically generates a unique URL for every unit listed on your site. This can significantly improve the total number of leads.

Quality content

 However, content is not directly involved with lead generation and property search process, quality content can keep customers busy on site. Try to add authentic and valued information about communities, local market, events, lifestyle offerings and interesting things to do is specific neighbourhoods. Such information can facilitate users to choose the best community matches with their lifestyle. You can keep on updating useful information on a weekly basis via company blog.

About us and contact information

About us and contact us are the most visited pages on any website, the content should be well written and clearly describe your business aims and how you can help clients. Also add testimonials from real customers to show your credibility and reliability. Furthermore, also facilitate customers to contact with you after displaying contact information prominently on site pages.

You will efficiently start
property website design in Dubai if you consider following such design essentials.

The Future is Bright for Chemical Engineers: Six Promising Careers


Usually, employers and CEOs cast their eyes over quick-fix achievements for mini milestones. Breaking the tradition, today we’ll look at some outstanding careers for chemical engineers. Newspapers and online blogs usually produce articles suggesting possible careers the field would produce in near future. The term “chemical engineering” isn’t just associated with purely chemicals. Engineers readily provide their expertise in safety, biotech, design, environment and process engineers. Let’s not wait any longer and look at the details!
  1. Space Fuel Processor

With dawn of commercial space travel like Virgin Galactic; there’s a chance competition would drive down the travel price, making space flight more common. Space tour initially comprise approximately two to three hours of sub-orbital flight however there’s a chance it’ll extend to days and even weeks when visiting distant planets. It may sound absurd today but not quite impossible as chemical engineers are working diligently to find new fuel sources. Bio-refineries, hydrogen farms, wind farms, algae factories and fusion technology are some neat examples applicable to space travel fuel.
  1. Uranium Recycler

Alternative energy sources like solar, tidal, wind and hydrogen will gain more prominence. However, focus in present times is more diverted towards nuclear energy. Uranium scarcity is damaging the plan but engineers working as uranium recyclers will transform bomb-grade uranium, extracted from warheads to lower enriched. This recycled, low-energy uranium will be used in nuclear power plants, ensuring there’s no shortage and ultimately no energy crisis.
  1. Genetic Farmers

Reverse engineering has been looked upon with great interest and raised number of possibilities to ensure quality living. Future farmers won’t just grow livestock but genetically engineered plants are known to have more proteins and fibres. Vaccinated plants are already produced by chemical engineers and finest example of this is tobacco plants carrying antibodies for Ebola serum. This is surely going to be one area where genetic farmers would focus most. Many chemical industries in Saudi Arabia are already investing in genetic engineering so that’s one place you should find employment opportunities.
  1. Nanotech Manufacturer

The field of nanotechnology has already witnessed outstanding growth in recent times. It’s all about manipulating minute matter that hardly measures 1 to 100 nanometres. Further advancement in the field raises likelihood of exceptional opportunities in the field.
  1. Galactic Engineering

Barack Obama; president of United States in 2014’s budget announced $105 million to fund astronauts on a mission to reach an asteroid by 2025. If the mission is successful, it’ll definitely bring lots of precious minerals from space. Galactic chemical engineering is about mining distant asteroids and planets for resources and creating a system to continue working in extreme environments. It’ll ultimately improve quality of living for earthlings.
  1. Climate Change Reverse Engineer

As Earth’s climate is changing at a rapid pace, new breed of chemical engineers emerged to alleviate the effect. They need to practice multi-disciplinary solutions to solve pertinent issues. Chemical engineers are currently working on different models predicting the outcome of climate change and countermeasures. In future, they’ll need working on long-term strategies to counter adverse climatic effects on environment while coming up with a plan to reduce potential damage. Work typically involves refine energy system, rebuild ecosystem and develop energy distribution strategies.

Looking at the list of careers, indeed it seems future is bright for chemical engineering.