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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Gulf - A Paradise for Foodies


The region of the Middle East is not just about sand dunes and camels, but it has a lot to offer to its visitors and travelers coming from all over the world looking for new exciting things to have fun which are different from their own country of origin. United Arab Emirates (UAE) have much more to offer, its not Sahara nor its a Disney Land in the Gulf region rather a complete mix for everyone has it has sand dunes by camels to ride on and also continental food which you can easily find in any restaurants in Dubai UAE.

There are not just restaurants or best bars in Dubai, other food eating places out there, but also the malls to and the well know The Dubai Mall where you can find all of the luxurious items from all over the world and at very good reasonable price.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Is in-house Copywriting Better Than Outsourcing Copywriting?

When you setup a company that has higher goals to achieve, you must not leave any air sacks that if gets punctured, you’re stuck. Not having an in house translator or a copywriter are the air sacks. A copywriter is one of the strongest edge of a company that delivers your vision to your audiences and if you lack in it, you can’t reach the right audience. Even if you do, you might not convince them to try you as a brand. I’ve been in this field for over twenty years and I’m on a verge where I could stand hard and say, “in-house copywriting is what you need to narrate your true identity” Here I don’t mean to worry companies lacking in-house copywriters, if you don’t need them much, you don’t really need them but if you think you want your content to be edited every now and then, you must think to hire in-house copywriters.

What goes wrong with outsourcing copywriting is, you are not sure whether the outsourced material would meet your mark or not? If not, you’ll the company to revise it, that’s a definite loss of time –and time is money of course!

Secondly, your corporate tone is valued, you never know your material for audience has that or not. Compromising on your company tone, stature and corporate could ruin your overall outlook. Being a prestigious company, you can’t linger with outdated content, scripts and profiles. To keep it constantly updated, you must have a team of in house copywriters and translators in Dubai to work on it regularly roll it up on regular basis.

Apart from jokes, outsourcing is way too expensive rather than keeping in house copywriters or translators who are able to translate English to French. Moreover, you could hire a person who’s a multi task and could handle more than one language. While having in-house copywriters, you can tailor made your content and could experience new heights of diversity. Parallel to this, you can step into the digital world and could excel your growth within social media platforms. Entering into the digital world would enable you to reach your audiences within no time.

To outreach your audiences globally, you must have your content written in different languages, for each piece you have to pay thousands of dollars, isn’t this lame? Why not hire specialized content writers, copywriters and translators to get the best pieces developed right under your nose. If you have a consistent pace of work regarding copywriting, go for building up your own team. This way your company portfolio will show higher company employees and this would automatically boost your market presence and credibility.
Last but not the least, having everything done within your own company enhances your company reputation in dealing with translation services. You could be a benchmark for others rather than having others as your benchmark. Have your say and make it your own way – you are different!

Read this article to know more about why hiring in house copywriters or translators are a better move than outsourcing copywriting.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Some Tips To Help You Select Your Business Partners

The job of a businessman is not easy, not at all. Every night while lying in his bed, his head is full of thoughts and plans about the future of his company. He already has a lot on his hands to worry about and he really does not want any bad decision made for his company to come and haunt him and stress him out even further. So, businessmen must never select business partners without going over their pros and cons. They must sit down and think seriously, and go over all the possible flaws that the company might make, before making that decision.

Things to Consider While Choosing Advertising Companies

There are a few things to consider while choosing advertising companies.

Who are the company’s clients?

Those advertising companies that have served clients whose businesses are similar to yours should be chosen as they have experience on your line of business.

What is the level of the agency?

Agencies should be selected according to the budget. Popular companies which have served big clients would be too costly for people with smaller business.

Do they evolve their marketing techniques?

Companies should produce advertisement using the trending media for e.g. cell phones, mobile applications etc. You do not want your ad to seem outdated.

Since How Long Have They Been Running?

Companies who have a better history of serving their clients successfully are the ones which should be first on our list.

Things to consider before choosing translation agencies

There also a few things that you should consider before choosing translation agencies

How long have they been in business?

It is always advisable to choose a company that has been running for a long time rather than going for one that is new in the market.

Do they have a strong team?

It is important to know if the translators have a good strong team. A big team means that their work will be proofread by others before coming to you.

Is their translation accurate enough?

To make sure that their service is accurate, you may first give them a sample to work on and then get it read by professional conference interpreter.

Can you build a long-term relationship with them?

This is a very important thing that you need to check before signing with an agency. It is better to find one good company and stick to it rather than looking for other companies every time.

Why don’t you to take your business to the UAE?

 If you are looking to take your business out of your country then you should consider going to the United Arab Emirates. You can easily find advertising agencies for your advertisements and also Arabic language translators in Dubai without any difficulty. Also, the Dubai Media City Free Zone is a good place to take your business. The DMC provides a tax free environment to foreign companies. It also gives new companies a chance to rub shoulders and work on the same platform with the leading business companies of the whole world. Not only that but the Dubai Media City also offers companies an excess of specific solutions including specialized activities, community events, broadcasting and public relation brands.


There are some things you must always consider before choosing advertising and UAE translation services companies. Also, the Dubai Media City Free Zone is the perfect place to expand your business.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Does Emotional Responses Affect Human Decision Making?

Tone whether it be high or low, immense or mellow, it can affect emotional responses. The same goes with the tone used in web copies. An appealing tone can inspire desirable reactions and responses in your potential customers and everyday visitors.

According to recent Human Factors International, “Emotions is one of the three key factors that influence human behavior while online interactions”. For a successful online exchange, you must build vulnerable emotional-interactive moments on your landing pages to deliver excellent user-experience, increase conversions and maintain customer retention. With this, an emotional response channel begins, churning up a never-ending relationship between you and your customers.

If you fail to build an emotional tie or fail to show any emotional connectivity that lies within, it could negatively influence your brand image and global contribution.

The best part is, your competitor can never outrank you in diverging your customer chain, as emotional responses are hard to conquer or mimic. Nobody could take your customer’s bond or attachment from you no matter how hard they try! Therefore, whatever you have built or shared in between as emotional attachments, that’s yours only.

Once Your Audience begins to feel for you-Good Luck-Keep Shaking Them!

Have you ever thought why and how would you make your customers feel about the brand you are trying to uplift? Tone is one of the only factors that make it happen for you. It can be huge help while convincing and bring customers to the same page. Remember, if your customers are feeling for you, they are spreading you in folds and if they are not related to you, you can’t compel them for business.

A lot of companies believe that developing a reasonable brand personality will automatically enhance content tone, however this is vice versa! Let your tone define your brand personality, creating brand personality is not your primary job, you job is to create content that’s engaging and mind boggling in which Kwintessential Arabia FZE Translation is successful in achieving it.  Let others do their job, being a copywriter, manage the brand with your edge! Some of the best things, you could do is,

  • Make your web copy as engaging as possible, readable more than a business message
  • Make it a useful guide, meeting customer’s dependability while entertaining at the same time
  • Make it positively stimulating
Real business goals are directly tied with the excellent tone within, rather than simply developing personalities, tone matters first. People seek out for something to entertain, they approach brands to follow them, they would never forget you if they like you, as copywriter, its your job to make them comfortable at their choice – that’s your brand! Sell them something that is a better version of them while making them happy and confident at their pick.

Is translation as important as maintaining the right tone?

Once you’re ready to work on the right tone, you must identify is it reachable or not? If not, think why! Language barrier is the biggest barrier while reaching masses. Now you know the thing suffocating your brand, language-Why not translate it into different readable languages. No matter how fine you are with your tone, if readers are not getting you- it’s a waste. Now you know, for presenting businesses globally, you must have a global approach. Arabic Translation in Dubai is one of the most needed tools to reach masses within Middle East and in Gulf Region. If you done have that edge to translate, you can hire legal translation and translators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. That’s a must for expanding businesses in Arabia.

Yes! Emotional responses affect human decision-making. Read this further to know how emotional connectivity is interlinked with the tone used within web copy and how it makes or breaks the purpose.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Top Reasons Why You Must Hire Professional Legal Translation Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

If you own a business which sells products and services to the international market or audience, you must surely need a professional translation company. Even though you may not have needed professional and expert help when you first started your business, the need for a good and reliable company is mandatory when you have a growing business. In fact, dealing with and building a long term relationship with these translation agencies will help you to avoid major pitfalls, which will give you the benefit over your competition. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously start considering these services for your business.

They Have Experience

When you partner up with a company that provides professional and expert translation services, you give your business the benefit of accessing the information that there translators have. Because these legal translator and translation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have worked with several different companies all over the world, they will have extensive knowledge that you may not. These are the kind of services that know that translating is not just about changing the words into another language but also depends on the cultural values and norms of the audience that you are targeting. This is why such professional companies will always have a lengthy question answer session with you and only start translating when they fully understand your requirements.

Can Provide Resources

One of the main reasons why small businesses that are growing at a rapid rate prefer opting for these translation services is because the professionals have and can provide the resources that they have. As your company gains popularity and success in the market, you will realize that your resources are stretching, which in turn is causing problems in your core values. Because of this, you will be missing deadlines and things will be happening haphazardly. However, if you hire UAE Arabic translation in Dubai, you will have the immediate access to a huge number of translators who will help you in any way that they can.

Will Have Tools

The good things about these services is that they don’t just provide you with their translation services, but also have a range of other tools which you use. Even though their main objective will be to provide you with good translated documented, they will also help you out in many different ways. Because of the various tools that they have, they will help you in not only reducing the cost of your project, but will also get things done a lot quicker. As a business, you may not have these tools because they are expensive and require special knowledge to operate them. With these tools, the company will provide you and your business with consistent quality translated documents which you will be proud to present when you are consistent and your audience trusts you, you can start to build your business even further and make use of the huge industry which is present in front of you.

These were only some of the reasons why you should really start thinking about hiring UAE translation services Agency in Dubai city. However, the list is not limited to these three because there are a lot of other factors which play an important part in this. So research, ask and hire the service which you think will best suit you.