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Sunday, 29 November 2015

How to give a hard floor surface the best cleaning treatment?

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Cleaning a hard floor surface can be a challenge but not if you’ve the right equipment. There’s a whole lot of standard to sophisticated cleaning machines available in market that save your valuable time and do the best job. From high-end residential tiles and grout to commercial grade concrete floors or a warehouse, these machines would work miracle on all surfaces. But even with the many machines at your disposal, they must be operated under supervision.

Automatic standard floor cleaner
Also known as a swing machine or floor buffer, the standard floor machine is identified as the most versatile contraption to floor cleaning. With the right combination and attachment, you can easily treat almost any type of hard floor. While cleaning vinyl tiles that are usually found in hospitals and supermarket corridors, user need to attach a white or red buffing pad.
To completely remove wax coating off the tile, attach a black stripping pad whereas variety of these pads are provided along with the machine but lest they aren’t, carefully read the technical specifications and get one from the market yourself. The pads allow honing marble and granite floors as well.

If you’ve wood flooring at your place, a standard machine with sanding screen is preferred or you might pull the drum sander that would scratch the finish. Tile and grout cleaning is also possible with these machines and all you need is to use a grit brush with bristles of multiple lengths. With a diamond grit scraping block, you can give concrete floors the best treatment ever.

These standard floor cleaning machines are commonly found in a janitor’s closet in the form of a broom or mop. The appliances are a wise investment if you crave professional cleaning service whereas their portable nature is also an added benefit. You can treat many different surfaces with just a single machine hence it’s also multifunctional.

Automatic scrubbers
Perhaps one of the best automatic cleaning machines is a self-contained auto scrubber that we usually see in commercial places such as airport and malls. User either walks behind or hops a ride while working on controllers as the machine strides around. With a simple push of a button, you can wash, scrub and dry the floor. The unit releases a concentrated cleansing solution which is then scrubbed all over the floor and work its way with a rotary pad or cylindrical brush.
A sponge, mop or squeegee is attached to a powerful vacuum that instantly takes in the dirt, debris and liquid solution from the floor. These all-inclusive units are operated from powerful electric motors or a battery to propane engine, packing lots of cleaning power. The machines are ideal for commercial places such as a school, warehouse and other areas due to their size and weight.

Turbo grout cleaning tool
The name “turbo tool” is given due to its lighting fast speed; this contraption is the first choice for professional grout and tile cleaners. It can be connected to a high power carpet cleaning machine like truck mounts, high power water pumps or portable with 1200 PSI. The machine has a round head that’s linked to a standard vacuum cleaner wand. A pair of spray nozzles and a spinning rod is located inside the head! Water comes out of the two spray jets with pressure that’s enough to blast away dirt and debris from floor including trapped soil within the spongy grout. The machine is entirely portable and works best on marble and concrete floors, synthetic and natural hard tiles as well.

For neat and clean surfaces, the above tools are preferred choice of pro cleaners! Always check your cleaning requisite and surfaces before purchasing such machines.

Monday, 2 November 2015

How to clean & maintain marble countertops?


Asides stone and other type of countertops such as granite, marble requires a little more attention being porous and more susceptible to scratches and stains. Gentle cleaners must be used to clean for acidic products are likely to damage the natural attributes of the stone. Marble is aesthetically appealing and adds functionality to your kitchen that’s one of the best features. If marble surface managed to accumulate stain that you leave unattended, they can sink deep down the pores that may slowly corrode marble. Therefore cleaning marble countertops and wiping off stains must be done regularly and with care to prevent scratch and damage.

Daily maintenance & cleaning

Liquid spills such as fruit juice, coffee, water and other must be absorbed quickly with a clean and dry cloth that mustn’t be abrasive at all. Remember, the longer the fluid sits over marble countertops, more likely they would result in deep and hard to clean stains. It’s better to blot the liquid rather than wiping or the mess is likely to spread. 

For larger spills, use a homemade cleaning solution created by few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to hot water. You can either allow it to sit for a few minutes or an hour for tough spots or simply wipe marble countertops with a neat and smooth cloth that must be pre-dipped with same solution. Rinse till the stone is completely clean and allow the area to air dry.

In-case soap mixture is leaving streaks on countertop, wipe with a moist towel dampened with warm water and let it air dry.
- Warning
Don’t ever clean marble surface with vinegar as the substance is highly acidic and can etch the stone from various spots. Since marble is a soft stone, you shouldn’t scrub the stain with pointy objects that ruins the stone; rather absorb the blots with kitchen cleaning foam or damp cloth.

Types of stains

  • Oil-based
    Common oil stains are accumulated from cooking grease, certain cosmetics and dairy products that you can easily clean with mineral spirits or acetone application over a soft cloth.
  • Vinegar, red-wine & water
    To clean surfaces off organic such as water rings, vinegar, tea/coffee or read wine; add a few drops of ammonia in a cup containing 12 percent hydrogen peroxide that’ll easily bleach out the marks. You can dunk a soft cloth with the liquid solution and dab at the soiled are till spots are completely removed. This is most recommended on light-shaded natural stones such as the white Carrara marble.
  • Rust
    Rust stains are most annoying and often hard to get rid of. If your countertop managed to collect rust marks from metallic object, come up with a poultice by joining white absorbent material like kaolin or diatomaceous earth with excess dishwashing soap. It’ll form a paste with the same viscosity as of peanut butter. Spread the paste over the stain and wrap with the poultice; let it rest for a day or two. It’ll extract the stain out of marble like it wasn’t even there!

Polish the marble

Once you’re done with general cleaning, polish the marble surface with a soft chamois cloth. Buff the with industrial-standard car wax that’ll add a protected layer and brings back the original lustre! On the other hand, apply a penetrating sealer over stone countertop that’s an excellent stain repellent.

Never apply acidic cleaners to marble countertops. You may love lemon and lime fragrance but it’s detrimental to the porous material. Just plain, hot water with suggestions provided above would work miracles so do consider!

How to become a luxury watch collector?


You must have seen people, who love collecting anything from tickets, CDs, coins and timepieces. A true collector possesses an innate love for the thing he collects. If you fall in this category, you don’t need any inspirations from others to grow your collection, as you are self-motivated and empowered to find a way on their own. Product understanding is mandatory to choose and buy anything as a collector’s item. If you have a strong desire to have a collection of high-end chronometers, you will need to understand the difference between purchasing them for personal use and for a collection.

What makes watch collectors different from others is their passion and feel to buy a good piece. Here I am sharing a few tips that might help you to successfully start your own timepiece collection.

Spend some time to understand the difference in brands; it makes a lot of sense. A huge variety of brands are available in the market. You can choose the most suitable for you among basic, low-end luxury, luxury and high end luxury timers. What you need to do is to visit product website or an e-store to find the price difference. This will enable you to estimate your buying power, which is necessary to pick the most suitable brand to become a collector.

Decide budget logically, it helps avoid overspending and protect you from stress. Here deciding budget doesn’t mean making complex calculations. Rather, it involves identifying the maximum and minimum amount you can spend on purchasing chronometers to start and grow your collection. Whether you have setup a price range to buy a piece as collectible or you have reserved a fixed amount with an aim to spend on purchasing collectibles, overspending is strictly suggested to avoid. However, bargaining over prices makes it time consuming. Hunting the market for right pieces not only protect you from financial stress, but also doubles the fun.

Pick a corner to store your collection, as youare spending significant money on buying pieces that are worth to collect, make suitable arrangements to store them safely. You can’t leave them uncovered over the bookshelves, in the drawer or on the table. You need to arrange boxes with glass lids and partitions to keep wrist timers in standard and presentable conditions. Avoid stacking them one over the other. It’s more than good if you spend some money to buy cases that are purposefully made for this purpose. Initially you can even use an old jewelry box for this purpose. Primary motif behind keeping the pieces in covered boxes is to protect them from scratches and accidental exposure to water and moist.

Consider doing regular maintenance, asit is necessary to keep them functional. However, you are not going to wear every one of them on daily basis, it is suggested to check them regularly and take necessary actions to maintain their functionality. Follow the manufacturers directions to wind the piece. Automatic and mechanical movements require winding to maintain their precision, whereas quartz movement does not need any winding. 

I hope these simple tips will facilitate you to become a watch collector. If you are beginner, you can easily start your collection with Omega watches. The brand offers a wide select of collectible timepieces.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

An overview of n-Butyl Acetate

n-Butyl acetate is a colourless solvent with average instability and a fruity odour that’s one of basic characteristics of ester. It’s widely used for production and application of various coatings and finishes, aerosol sprays, cosmetics, personal care products, fragrances, printer inks and as a processing solvent in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

n-Butyl acetate is low in toxicity if ingested. In-case of skin contact, it’s less likely to cause any burns or rashes however, prolonged exposure will result in severe irritation, redness and discomfort. Liquid or vapour contact with eyes cause mild irritation and swelling. Excessive inhalation may cause breathing ailments and damage to upper respiratory tract and lungs. Drowsiness, anaesthetic or narcotic effects are other symptoms of prolonged exposure.

Product description & characteristics

n-Butyl acetate, whether in liquid or vapour form is combustible however stable under defined storage conditions. But, if the chemical undergoes temperature changes, it might decompose the product and release toxic gases. It has excellent solvency characteristics for resins, polymers, cellulose nitrate and oils while miscible with almost all organic solvents.

n-Butyl acetate’s linear molecular structure contributes to improved solvent diffusion from coating films and effective viscosity reduction. High electrical resistivity contributes towards formulating dense coatings for electrostatic spray applications. Odour characteristics are favourable as compared to other solvents having similar instability.


  • Workplace
    Exposure is likely to occur at production facilities where butyl acetate manufacturers handle the compound frequently. Industry personnel who deal with maintenance, sampling, testing, formation of finished products and other procedures are also exposed. Chemical industries and various manufacturing plants should initiate a comprehensive training program to aware employees about workplace safety and brief them over handling and how to limit unnecessary exposure.
  • Environmental release
    In-case of spill, focus must be to prevent contamination of soil, ground water and other surfaces. Clean-up staff must take necessary precautions when cleaning to avoid respiratory ailment. All flammable sources must be removed from the affected area completely. This is usually in the event of large spills but with smaller leaks, n-Butyl acetate should be absorbed with material such as sand.

Provided above is an overview of n-Butyl acetate and how to carefully handle the compound along with attributes under certain conditions.

Three Reasons to visit Dubai


Dubai is the Middle Eastern territory which is world famous for its exotic activities and mesmerizing sights. Having been recognized as the capital of abundance, the city possesses something for every one of all ages. Whether you love culture or you are fond of thrilling activities, the land of wonders is very capable to offer everything from extravagant sights of the architectural wonders to untouched natural beauty. 

You might be planning for a unique holiday break with your family or friends and doubting about why should you pick Dubai this time for tripping? Here I am citing top three reasons that can drag anyone towards this glitzy territory.


However, not everyone loves spending lot of money in shopping but when it’s Dubai, visiting a mall or a souk can mesmerize anyone. The luxury interiors, food and endless fun activities make malls a must visit place. Beside this you can also find unbelievable discounts on world’s leading brands, especially during festival seasons. Similarly, souks in the city can captivate anyone, when they know about bargain buying of the precious metal gold along with lot souvenirs, clothing and household accessories at affordable prices. Shopping has the potential to be called as the reason to step-down this city. 

Beautiful Places in Dubai

The city has a never ending list of such places. Whether it be a mall, resort, plethora of skyscrapers, luxury hotels, water parks, theme parks, manmade beaches and islands, golden deserts, fountains or an indoor ski resort. They have constructed everything so nicely to make them worth to watch. A big bus tour will let anyone to explore most of the sightseeing of this city within a day. I will suggest you not to miss this activity even if you are here for a stopover.

Exciting venue with extreme safety

The city is full of energy with vibrant activities. The cosmopolitan environment plays a great role in making everyone feel comfortable as soon as they land here. It has a collection of few most exotic night life activities that include clubs, belly dancing, dhow cruising and camping where visitors can enjoy their favorite food with good music, beautiful lighting and captivating dance performances. Besides offering fun and excitement, the territory is extremely safe for travelers with zero crime rates. You can freely wander almost everywhere, without the fear of robbery. 

This is not all about the reasons to visit Dubai, what you need to do is to identify your own interests to find the best reason to visit this Middle Eastern territory.

Four Features to determine Standard Web Design cost for Small Businesses

Website design plays a crucial role when it comes to a business’s brand image and profit generation. It all depends on products and services a company offers as well as their affordability. Graphic designers, copywriters, UI developers, programmers and others are valuable source to compute average rate as it varies exorbitantly keeping the above factors. Let’s find out how you can determine average cost and effecting elements.

1. Domain name registration & hosting

Acquiring domain name and reserving space over server on which your website will be stored is known as hosting. A general survey revealed that domain name registration in 2015 cost more or less $12 per year but it depends on geographic and demographic factors. Furthermore, all promotions and associated discounts with package shouldn’t be overlooked. While subscribing to an arbitrary service provider, web hosting accrues around $10 per month under monthly payment plans. It can be comparably less if you subscribe to semi-annual or yearly package. As far as internal server is a concern, average website maintenance cost depends on physical hardware, in-house workers and other utility expenses.

2. Design & graphics

Apparently a website includes logos, front and background images, multimedia files so on for attractiveness. Even with cheap website design in UAE or any other region, average charges would be around $100 an hour including logo design and creating custom images. Surely you can always go for free templates available via WordPress or any other content management system (CMS) being an open source, customizing pages gives your business a competitive edge.

3. Content: Creation & administration

Depends on capital or how much you can afford, internal website copywriting or simply outsourcing the task to intermediary source impacts cost. As far as third-party is involved, standard rate in content creation and management can be around $50 per hour or more if it’s a high-end organization. With freelance, average cost can be reduced to almost half but there’s a risk of quality and on-time delivery. This, freelance service is a profitable choice for smaller industries who lack budget and work personnel. Again, business requisites and size affect cost in many ways.

4. Programming & operations

In most cases like custom webpage, add-ons and plug-ins; detailed planning and usability test caters smooth user experience. That’s the reason small businesses prefer hiring IT professionals being expert on web designing and programming. Intermediary IT professionals cost more or less $100 per hour, depending on nature of operations and projects. Time is also a contributing factor to cost especially when sophisticated tasks such as this are dealt with.

As online businesses grow enormously in 21st century, it’s important to compute average cost of website design and implementation beforehand.