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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Don’t Be Afraid Of Snacks – Here’s How They Can Be Healthy

We all know about the concept created by the people that snacking is unhealthy because they recommend us not to have any snack right before the dinner time. However, today we are going to tell you why and how snacking is healthy and how you can be benefited from it. However, one key factor that you have to keep in mind that taking a large amount of snack can be unhealthy and will fill you up for longer period of time.

Control and Normalize Your Snacking Meal

At time, when are so much busy at work, it becomes so much easier to have un-calculated quantity of snacks and you won’t even realize that you just ate that much. We will recommend you not to keep a box of crackers, candies or cookies at your desk because it will result in an overheating, instead what you should do to prevent yourself from overeating and having any negative affect on your mental energy and physical effectiveness is to carefully divide and pack your snacks according to the serving size.

However, serving size can be quite misleading too. For example, single candy or chocolate bar might seem like a perfect treat for one serving but what you don’t know is these tasty treats are loaded with almost half of your daily fat requirements. So opt for a mini-sized chocolate instead.

Vending Machines Do Provide Healthy Treats

The vending machine you have in the cafeteria of your office can also provide you some healthy snacking options. But what you have to do is substitute the unhealthy ones with healthy options.
·         You can have a fruit juice or water instead of soda cans,
·         Opt for granola bars instead of candies,
·         Go for pretzels or nuts instead of potato chips.
However, these substitutes might not be healthy at all. We will recommend you to see the nutrition labels of these items to have a better understanding about what you are actually eating. We have seen that many fruit juices are not actually made from real fruits, which eliminates the healthy benefits you can gain from it. Similarly, not all the granola bars are healthier than candies and in only La Serre offers the best lunch in Dubai.

Choosing an Appropriate Snacks

The biggest factor when you are planning to have snack is choosing what to eat. Having snacks that are high on fats, carbs, sugar and salt might cause you to feel drowsy until unless you have a physical job to accomplish which will surely help you burn all the excess calories.
If you are in office and want to have some snacks then here we have prepared a list that will help you in boosting your productivity without crashing your efficiency.
·         Dried fruits and nuts,
·         Yogurt,
·         Crackers with low-fat and high-fibre ingredient,
·         Instant oatmeal packets,
·         Peanut butter with fruit or crackers,
·         Soup with low-sodium,
·         Veggies with dip.
In case you don’t find the above mentioned meals appetizing then you can occasionally head out to have some healthy snack time meals at bistro Dubai, but just try to maintain the amount of your total intake because this is will be your snack time!

Choosing healthy snacks might sometimes seem like a complicated process but actually, it isn’t. All it requires is a little bit of research work and then you are good to go. If you are having better snacks then it will result in a better productivity while at the same time increasing your metabolism and giving you an energy boost.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Important Information You Need Before Approaching Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

When you first approach a translation service or company for your quotes, you probably don’t expect to be bombarded with an array of questions such as the translation language, the format your papers are in, how you would like the completed files to be sent to you, when you would need the files and so on. However, if you want the best services and translation possible, you need to make sure that you have all the important information ready or you will end up overwhelming yourself during the process. Remember, the more information the translation agency has of your particular project, they better they will be at their task. Outlined below is some crucial information you should have.

Translation Language

Even though this may sound a little obvious, you need to know the language that your documents are in and the language into which you need it translated. Also, the translation company may also ask you about your target audience or country because a lot of the translation will depend on the culture and norms which are followed in that particular region. Also remember that because several languages such as English and Arabic and spoken and written in different ways according to the country, knowing your target audience will help the legal translator and translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi translate depending on that. So before you approach any translation service, make sure you know your target country and their preferred language.


Subject of Documents

Another important and crucial piece of information that you must have is the subject of the documents which you need translated. It is important that the translation company know the subject and probably even its content so they can find out about the technicality of your project. There is a popular UAE professional translation services agency in Dubai that will charge slightly higher for technical documents because the time spent on these will be longer. Knowing the subject of your document will also help your agency pick out the best translator with those particular skills so you can enjoy a better quality paper. Therefore, experts suggest that prior to approaching any agency; you must take a close look at your document and determine its topic or what it’s all about.

Format of Documents

Every professional document will have a certain format or way in which it has been written. To help provide you with the best translation services, the agency will ask you about the original format of the document and the format in which you want the translation. If it is not a word documents, you will need to tell them if it is a PowerPoint presentation, excel document or something else. Remember, this will also have an effect on the final pricing so you must make sure that you know. Also, because you can also have your websites translated, you will also need to tell them if your primary purpose of approaching them was to translate English to French a complete website.

Having the right kind of information at the right time is essentially important when you need the best translation services available. So remember these points and keep them in mind when you are researching and looking for a company and they will surely find you the best possible solution and provide you with perfectly translated papers.