Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to choose a fine writing instrument?

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Although, computers and digital devices have significantly altered traditional writing and documentation practices, there are people who love to possess a pen of their favorite brand. Especially, celebrities and professional intellectuals usually carry luxury writing instruments as their style statement. Believe me it would be fun writing with branded fountain pen. In addition to writing, they are also used to carry out other functions like painting, drawing, calligraphy and technical writing. A huge variety ranges from Rollerball, ballpoints, mechanical pencils and signature/fountain pens are available to choose. Whether being a corporate executive or a graduate student who is seeking to buy the one for him, probably want to know the most desirable attributes of a luxury writing instrument. Here are some primary features you should consider when seeking to buy the one for the first time.

Check out the cost

Don’t assume them cheap, as they can be costly like a precious jewelry piece. However, eye-catching collection is even available at low prices, a genuine piece is expensive. High quality and classy design are the major benefits of buying a high-priced item.

Consider your writing style

Writing style also matters when choosing the point. Separate small handwriting requires finer tips, whereas broader points are good for cursive styles. However, broader points can lay inks faster.

Choose the weight wisely

Light weight pens are very suitable for fast writing speeds. Resin, celluloid and ABS are the perfect material choice for a light weight writing tools. When strong grip is required, steel barreled and heavy weight instruments made-up of brass are preferred choices.

Thickness or Girth

Thicker pens are preferred as they not only make you feel holding something solid, but also give good grip. Finally, writer will enjoy this freedom to write in his favorite style. In contrast to that, pen with lesser thickness are good for sketching and joint-up writing.

Length also matters

However, shorter pens are more portable to carry; it could be difficult to control. In case it fails to reach the web between the thumb and forefinger. Longer are more comfortable to use in the long run as they can be comfortably hold.

Pick the design that compliment your personality

Don’t ignore design when buying a luxury writing instrument like Mont Blanc. You can choose the best that compliment your personality and overall attire from a huge range of pens available in various material and finishes. From smooth plastic and metal surfaces, slightly textured finishes are also available for those looking for good grip. 

Whether you are looking to buy a branded pen for your personal use or to gift your special teacher or a best friend, considering these attributes will help you choose the best among diverse designs.


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