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How to give a hard floor surface the best cleaning treatment?

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Cleaning a hard floor surface can be a challenge but not if you’ve the right equipment. There’s a whole lot of standard to sophisticated cleaning machines available in market that save your valuable time and do the best job. From high-end residential tiles and grout to commercial grade concrete floors or a warehouse, these machines would work miracle on all surfaces. But even with the many machines at your disposal, they must be operated under supervision.

Automatic standard floor cleaner
Also known as a swing machine or floor buffer, the standard floor machine is identified as the most versatile contraption to floor cleaning. With the right combination and attachment, you can easily treat almost any type of hard floor. While cleaning vinyl tiles that are usually found in hospitals and supermarket corridors, user need to attach a white or red buffing pad.
To completely remove wax coating off the tile, attach a black stripping pad whereas variety of these pads are provided along with the machine but lest they aren’t, carefully read the technical specifications and get one from the market yourself. The pads allow honing marble and granite floors as well.

If you’ve wood flooring at your place, a standard machine with sanding screen is preferred or you might pull the drum sander that would scratch the finish. Tile and grout cleaning is also possible with these machines and all you need is to use a grit brush with bristles of multiple lengths. With a diamond grit scraping block, you can give concrete floors the best treatment ever.

These standard floor cleaning machines are commonly found in a janitor’s closet in the form of a broom or mop. The appliances are a wise investment if you crave professional cleaning service whereas their portable nature is also an added benefit. You can treat many different surfaces with just a single machine hence it’s also multifunctional.

Automatic scrubbers
Perhaps one of the best automatic cleaning machines is a self-contained auto scrubber that we usually see in commercial places such as airport and malls. User either walks behind or hops a ride while working on controllers as the machine strides around. With a simple push of a button, you can wash, scrub and dry the floor. The unit releases a concentrated cleansing solution which is then scrubbed all over the floor and work its way with a rotary pad or cylindrical brush.
A sponge, mop or squeegee is attached to a powerful vacuum that instantly takes in the dirt, debris and liquid solution from the floor. These all-inclusive units are operated from powerful electric motors or a battery to propane engine, packing lots of cleaning power. The machines are ideal for commercial places such as a school, warehouse and other areas due to their size and weight.

Turbo grout cleaning tool
The name “turbo tool” is given due to its lighting fast speed; this contraption is the first choice for professional grout and tile cleaners. It can be connected to a high power carpet cleaning machine like truck mounts, high power water pumps or portable with 1200 PSI. The machine has a round head that’s linked to a standard vacuum cleaner wand. A pair of spray nozzles and a spinning rod is located inside the head! Water comes out of the two spray jets with pressure that’s enough to blast away dirt and debris from floor including trapped soil within the spongy grout. The machine is entirely portable and works best on marble and concrete floors, synthetic and natural hard tiles as well.

For neat and clean surfaces, the above tools are preferred choice of pro cleaners! Always check your cleaning requisite and surfaces before purchasing such machines.


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