Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Five essential documents required to rent an apartment

Whenever you apply to rent a new home be it an apartment, villa, condominium or any other type of property, owners and managers question interested parties for assurance. This preliminary screening is to make sure occupant would pay timely rent and take good care of the apartment. Being professional, simple words of assurance won’t do much so you’ve to supply written proof that shows you’re a responsible tenant. 

Coming along with complete paperwork saves valuable time and you might get hold of the apartment from the pool of other tenants. List of crucial documents with details is provided below so do have a look at it!

1. Income verification
Prior renting an apartment, provide legitimate proof that you can actually afford paying monthly rent. For this, it’s good to save pay slips all year long which you should provide to landlord while filling out the application. Make sure the payslip indicated your basic salary and additional details such as bonuses so on. If it doesn’t, request your employer to generate a detailed financial report bearing official signature! In competitive markets, it’s worth showing your income remained stable over the years for which you should bring along copies of past three to four years tax returns. Also, most recent bank statement is a sufficient resource as well!

2. Proof of permanent employment
Your would-be homeowner may expect employment verification along with income statements. Even if he didn’t say, bring along necessary evidence to avoid inconvenience and save time. Company letterhead indicating your designation, annual salary, term of employment; these are enough to prove your employment. You may collect such details from your employer or simply ask human resource department to furnish a detailed report and have it signed from CEO.

3. Credit history
Your credit report and score may turn the odds in your favour while renting an apartment. Save a copy and have it attached with application form without asking. Although, landlord may extract duplicate paper of the report on his own, bring it along to save time and cost. It also helps to explain potential issue before processing the application. Credit history should be clean of arrears and other such financial details that imply even a tiny hint of uncertainty.

4. Rental record
Landlords often check rental history of potential tenants just to see if they pay on time and how good they’re at keeping the interior clean and unspoiled. Ask your present landlord for a reference letter as a written proof of your goodwill. It should include rental term, deposit, monthly rent, end of tenancy so on. Even with the letter in-hand, landlord is likely to call previous owner and arrange a meeting. However if it’s the first time you’re renting, you may supply other references such as friends, family, neighbours and workplace colleagues as a means of assessment.

5. References
Additionally, you need to compile a list of personal references along with rental history that can vouch for your character and responsibility. Cater complete details such as name, contact, email so on; home or office address isn’t necessary unless requested. Once you distribute references, let them know you’ve done so and provide them details of the new landlord or apartment manager.

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